About Us

 Today's Challenge

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (UAES) is part of a network of researchers and facilities at the nation’s land-grant universities and is committed to improving agriculture and natural resources for the people of Utah. Experiment station research provides the Researcher working in the labscience-based information used by Extension specialists and agents to assist people in every state in the nation. At research facilities on the Utah State University campus and throughout the state, the UAES supports hundreds of research projects. It operates labs that test soils, plant tissue, irrigation water and livestock feed. It researches food safety and processing, plant and animal genetics, economic and social forces that shape families and communities, and brings agricultural into harmony with sustainable use of natural resources.

The Station's Impact

State and federal investments in research more than pay for themselves. Year round, Americans can depend on reliable and affordable supplies of fresh and processed foods−agricultural bounty that is often taken for granted.

A Continuing Obligation

Abundance is often regarded as a kind of permanent vaccine against hunger. It isn't. Threats to the Researchers in a wheat fieldfood supply continue to change. An answer today might not be an answer tomorrow. The efforts of state experiment stations and other research agencies have allowed the United States to produce the most abundant and safest supply of food in the history of the world. The problem of how to feed growing populations is compounded by the fact that the number of farmers is decreasing and growth of housing and other development is pushing farming off some of the most productive land. It will scientific research that ensures the food supply meets the demand and that we care for the resources that sustain us all.