Intermountain Herbarium

Intermountain Herbarium
Location: Junction Basement 5305 Old Main Hill | Logan, UT 84322 
Tel: (435) 797-0061

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The Intermountain Herbarium is a major resource for information about the plants and fungi of Utah and the Intermountain Region. The Intermountain Herbarium works hard to foster increased understanding and appreciation of the diverse plant life of our area. It houses over 239,000 specimens and a library of over 5,000 books and numerous reprints. The specimens are used in preparing species descriptions and in determining where different species grow. Some were collected to document which species grew at a particular location at a particular time; others document the material mentioned in a research study. The herbarium is home to several projects. It recently completed a county-level summary of vascular plant distributions for Utah for the Bureau of Land Management. It is also the editorial center for the two grass volumes in the Flora of North America north of Mexico series. The first volume was published in 2003, the second in 2006. Other projects include databasing the collection, making information from the collection available to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and developing a fungaLaboral checklist for Utah.


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