Western Dairy Center

Western Dairy Center
Location: 8700 Old Main Hill | Logan, UT 84322 
Tel: (435) 797-3466 | Fax: (435) 797-2379

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The Western Dairy Center pursues an ongoing mission to conduct research in dairy products and ingredients and to transfer the resulting knowledge to the dairy industry in a beneficial form. The Western Dairy Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach to solve problems and improve products in the dairy industry. The scope of research covers all aspect of dairy foods technology and production including: whey, cheese, and milk processing; microbial genetics and physiology; rheology, enzymology, protein chemistry, nutrition, microbiology and genomics. They are supported by Dairy Management Inc. (The National Dairy Board), the dairy industry, local dairy farmer organizations, as well as UAES. For more information, please contact Don McMahon, Director, or Carl Brothersen, Associate Director.


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