UAES Seed Grants Program

UAES Seed Grants Program

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (UAES) Seed Grants Program replaces the former Utah Agricultural Experiment Station Grants Program. The UAES Seed Grants program is targeted at placing UAES researchers in stronger leadership positions (e.g., building capabilities, collaborations, proof of concept, “blue-sky” concepts, etc.) in the priority areas of USDA/National Institutes of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), specifically:

• Global food security and hunger
• Climate change and natural resources
• Sustainable energy
• Childhood obesity, nutrition and community
• Food safety-production and safety of food products

While research undertaken in the UAES Seed Grants Program must fit into these NIFA priority areas, it is understood that targeted funding sources resulting from activities funded by these seed grants can be much broader than just USDA. A key component in the funding decision will be how the successful UAES Seed Grants Program proposal articulates basic and/or applied research which results in improving USU’s leadership in an area of critical need. Besides the NIFA priorities, successful proposals must also fit into one or more of this round’s targeted UAES priority areas:

1. Managing land and water resources in agricultural systems (may include topics related to climate change, livestock and/or plant systems)
2. Building a sustainable and secure food production system
3. Connections between food and health
4. Any area identified by the research team which fits USDA priorities and results in a strengthened leadership position for USU.
5. Programs that integrate and launch basic research into outreach applications in an area of critical need to the state.

Please follow the General Guidelines form below as you develop your proposal. Proposals are limited to $80,000 total for up to 24 months, although larger requests for doctoral student support or equipment will be considered. Requests for equipment should include a non-UAES source of 50% match. Requests for graduate student assistantships (salary, benefits and graduate insurance) should include a 50% match, which may be from UAES funding sources. Requests for interns can be made without a match. Tuition and fees are not allowable expenses on UAES grants.

Submissions of proposals are due no later than 5:00 p.m. MST on Friday, March 4, 2016.

When ready to submit your proposal for funding consideration, please click the “Submit UAES Seed Grants Program Application” link below.

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