New Faculty


Irina Polejaeva is an associate professor in the Department of Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences. Her research focuses on producing transgenic animal models for biomedical and agricultural applications. Before joining the faculty at Utah State University, she spent 8 years as the chief scientific officer and vice president of advanced reproductive technologies at ViaGen, a company that specializes in animal cloning and genetics. She has also held the position of project manager for the Porcine Nuclear Transfer Program at PPL Therapeutics, Inc, where she used somatic cell nuclear transfer to produce the world’s first cloned pigs. Polejaeva finished her postdoctoral work at Utah State University under the direction of Dr. Kenneth White. She earned a master’s degree in animal science from the Kubanski Agricultural University in Russia, and a doctorate in biotechnology and stem cell biology from the National Institute of Animal Science in Moscow Russia. When she’s not in the lab, Dr.Polejaeva enjoys gardening, hiking, boating and playing with her two dogs

Shih-Yu (Simon) WangShih-Yu (Simon) Wang is a assistant professor in the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate. He has also served as a research associate for the Utah Climate Center since 2008. Wang’s research focuses on climate diagnostics and prediction including monsoon & tropical cyclone climatology. Before joining the faculty at Utah State University, Wang earned bachelor's and master’s degrees in atmospheric sciences from National Central University in Taiwan, He then has served as a military weather officer. Following his work there, Wang earned master’s and doctorate degrees in meteorology from Iowa State University.




Karin Allen is an assistant professor and USU Extension food quality andPhoto of Karin Allen entrepreneurship specialist in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences. Her work the past four years has been a lecturer in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science, teaching food science and culinary courses. Her research interests include extending food shelf life using natural ingredients, and finding ways to improve the nutritional degree of foods without compromising flavor. She is a devout gardener, enjoying investigating other options to canning in order to maximize the annual harvest yield. Following a move to Cache Valley in 1997 with her husband and two daughters, Allen earned a bachelor’s in culinary arts and food science management, followed by a masters and doctorate in the same field, from Utah State University.