UAES Support & Services

UAES Support & Services
The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station offers a variety of services and support for researchers involved in UAES projects

The CAAS Business Service Center hosts this portal for requesting finance and business related services. Individuals in each department, identified as either Financial Staff or Transaction Staff, are responsible for the completion of these functions (i.e., journal vouchers, EPAFs, requisitions, travel, purchasing, etc.). Each form is designed to route, via email, to the appropriate individuals.

Faculty members and students involved in UAES research projects may use the services of the station’s statistician to design experiments and analyze data. Though the statistician can offer assistance at any stage of a project, the optimal time for a consultation is at the start in order to avoid experiment design and data collection problems

Researchers are eligible to obtain federal excess property for use in UAES projects. Among the categories of available property are laboratory equipment, vehicles, computer and office equipment, electrical and electronic equipment and components, veterinary supplies and photographic equipment.

The UAES Information Office provides editing assistance, funds for page charges and other publication-related fees, graphic design assistance, photography and multimedia services, preparation for media interviews and public relations.

Find links to plot maps and documents required for using UAES research farms, including land requests and pesticide application reports.