Federal Excess Property

Federal Excess Personal Property Program

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station participates in the Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program allows us to screen property that has been designated as excess by a federal agency and have it transferred to us for use in experiment station programs. USDA retains ownership of the property which is considered on loan and can only be used for experiment station programs. Any other use is unauthorized and jeopardizes our continued participation in the FEPP.

Among the categories are: 

• Agricultural Equipment and Supplies
• Lighting
• Aircraft
• Marine Equipment
• Aircraft Parts and Tires
• Materials Handling Equipment
• Automobiles
• Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
• Boats • Miscellaneous
• Communication and Detection Equipment
• Motorcycles and Bicycles
* Computer Equipment
• Navigation Equipment
• Computer Software and Accessories
• Office Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• Office Supplies and Forms
• Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Components
• Photographic Equipment
• Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Testing Equipment
• Recording Equipment
• Food Preparation and Serving Equipment
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Experiment
• Furniture • Tools
• Hardware
• Travel Trailer and/or Mobile Home
• Industrial Service and Trade Machinery
• Trucks, Trailers and Tractors
• Industrial Special Machinery
• Vehicular Components and Tires
• Lab Equipment  
Excess property is in high demand and to be competitive in the search for needed items we will maintain a “wish list”. Craig Thompson is the UAES Federal Excess Property coordinator, and regularly searches the FEPP database of available items. If you would like Craig to search for specific items, please complete the FEPP Online Request below. Craig will contact you when he locates requested items.

Once you have had an opportunity to examine the listing, Craig will work with you to acquire the item and complete the necessary paperwork.
If you have questions about the program, please contact Craig Thompson, 801-589-3935, craig.thompson@usu.edu .

FEPP Online Request


 Support Forms and Documents


FEPP Supplemental Form - Details of federal property to be surplused

FEPP Responsibility Form - Record of federal excess property currently in your possession

New Vehicle Worksheet - Details of vehicle being surplused and its replacement