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UAES Publication Support

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (UAES) pays up to $500 of publication-related costs, including page charges, up to 110 reprints, fees for online access, and/or color figures. To qualify for financial support, the published version of the paper must acknowledge UAES support and include a journal paper number assigned by the UAES Editor. The statement acknowledging UAES support should read “This research was supported by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, Utah State University, and approved as journal paper number XXXX.”

The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (UAES) also provides technical editing of manuscripts being submitted to refereed journals, book chapters and papers for proceeding by faculty with current UAES projects. Note that editing is not required for UAES support of publication related costs. However, the statement acknowledging UAES support must be included in the published version of the manuscript.

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