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Each farm's archive website includes links to a downloadable map noting acreage, plot boundaries for that year, and to whom each plot was assigned. Also available is a spreadsheet record of chemical applications made during that year.

Animal Science Farm (AS)

Greenville North (GRN)

Nephi Farm (NE)

Blue Creek Farm (BC)

Greenville Organic (GRO)

Richmond Farm (RM)

Cache Junction Farm (CJ)

Greenville South (GRS)

Smithfield Farm (SM)

Caine Dairy Farm (CD)

Greenville West (GRW)

USU Botanical Center (BC)

Evans Farm (EV)

Irrigated Pasture Farm (IP)

Wellsville Farm (WV)

Greenville - Overall Map

Kaysville Farm (KA)

Wennergren Farm (WG)

Greenville Centennial (GRC)

West Logan Farm (WL)