Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting Service

The UAES Statistical Consulting Service provides support in design, analysis and interpretation of research for faculty and students working on UAES-supported research. While the statistician may provide assistance at any stage of a project, the optimum time to engage her services is at the beginning when she can offer advice on experiment design and methods of gathering data which will improve projects by identifying and correcting potential problems.

Graduate students are encouraged to bring their major professor to the first appointment as this generally leads to better understanding about the project and more rapid progress in design and analysis. If experiments are underway or completed, please bring research objectives, experiment design and available data spreadsheets to the meeting. Please bring with you any preliminary analysis results as well if they are available.

Please complete the following form to request service. You will hear from us in approximately two to three days. For additional information contact Xin Dai, UAES statistician: 435-797-9267, Agricultural Sciences Building (AGRS) room 121,


Use this form to request consultations:   Statistical Consulting Request


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