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Richmond Research Farm

Animal Science Farm Field and Barns

History and Research

At the Richmond Research Farm, biological control of the alfalfa weevil, a destructive pest of alfalfa is studied. The farm is also used for grass variety trials and to test minimum-tillage equipment.




Research Projects

Selection and propagation of native Utah plants for use in water conserving landscapes

Project Lead: Larry Rupp

There is a need for improved landscape water conservation. This need can be partially met by finding and developing water conserving native plants for use as alternative landscaping materials. The benefit of this work will be increased availability and use of native plants in landscaping which should be more sustainable than other plant materials and use less water.

Evaluation of diverse woody germplasm for culinary and rootstock uses in the Intermountain West

Project Lead: Teryl Roper

A collection of diverse germplasm of the genera Prunus, Juglans, and Pistacia will be evaluated for their suitability for culinary fruit or nut production and for potential use as rootstocks adapted to the cold, dry, and alkaline conditions of the Intermountain West.